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Thomas Hicks

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• Qualified and HCPC Registered Dietitian BSc (Hons)

• Freelance Dietitian

• Founder and CEO of Hicks Nutrition

• Competitive natural bodybuilding champion

• 10 years training experience- specialising in muscle hypertrophy, fat loss and aesthetics.

• Keen interest in human anatomy, physiology and biochemistry.

Mathew Tidball

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• Qualified Physiotherapist BSc(Hons).

• Ex semi professional rugby player (Welsh Premiership)

• 10 years training experience. Specific interest in hypertrophy and aesthetics.

• Fitness model with experience of photo shoot preparation

• Physique competitor, (first competition UKBFF May 2014)

• Sponsored athlete/ iSupp ambassador

Morgan Stoddart

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Retired International/professional rugby player (Wales/Scarlets).

• Personal training experience, rugby specific with focus on strength/power programmes.

Interested in the mindset/Psychology of elite athletes,

• Strength and conditioning experience.

• Keen interest in nutrition for athletic performance.

Shaun Preece

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• Entrepreneur , fitness fanatic & mixed martial arts lover.

• Full time freelance Graphic/web designer

• Founder of Digital Inferno, Design For Bands & The Freelance Designer ltd.

• Produced branding & packaging design for some of the worlds leading brands.

• Advanced Photoshop Magazine small worlds competition winner.

• Currently undergoing the Physique Boss Body Transformation.




The body considered with reference to its proportions, muscular development, and appearance:




A person in charge.

 One who makes decisions or exercises authority.

To supervise or control.


The time has come for you to take charge of your physique! 

You CAN make the decisions regarding your proportions, muscular development and appearance.  Excuses are not accepted at Physique Boss.

This website will be a one stop shop for training and nutritional advice as well as lots of added extras. We endeavour to cater for all, from the novice trainer to the professional athlete, top fitness models and natural bodybuilders.

Whether your goal is ‘cutting’, ‘bulking’, maintenance, competition preparation, photo shoot preparation or sport specific we can provide the help, support and assistance you need!

If you are rich or poor, overweight or underweight, novice or elite we are here to help you achieve your physique goals.


You are the BOSS of your PHYSIQUE.