February 26, 2013

DNA Lean Test-FX Review

February 26, 2013
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Today’s review is for a product from a relatively new UK sports supplement company called DNA Lean®. The product I am reviewing is a natural endogenous testosterone booster called Test-FX. Being a “natural” Test booster, this stuff is supposed to help support your own production of Testosterone, rather than replace it with something else and ultimately end up suppressing your endogenous Testosterone production. On paper the product looks great and has some really good ingredient combinations that I haven’t come across before all in one product;

  • ZMA (Zinc monomethionine, Vit B6, Magnesium aspartate)
  • Tribulus terrestris
  • D-Aspartic acid
  • Boron

If you want more info on the ingredients you can read up on this on the actual product page on their website, I’m sure most of you are familiar with these ingredients anyway. Ok, so on paper – it looks good. Call me sceptical, but many a time I have seen a product that, on paper, looks good, has a lot of science behind it, and even more so, hype! Unfortunately, in most cases, when it comes to the practical of actually using it, it just doesn’t cut the mustard!!


The testing!

So with an open mind, although remaining sceptical, I started to incorporate this testosterone booster into my daily regime. This is the ONLY thing I had changed, so was pretty darn sure that any changes, whether good, or bad, could be attributed to my new supplementation. First I must state that my diet and training was at this time on point! It’s not like I was eating crappy and putting all my faith and hopes in a new mystical and magical supplement! On the contrary, I had everything in check, and wanted to approach the actual testing of this supplement as scientifically as possible. The directions on the tub stated to take one serving (which was two capsules), two hours before a workout or on non training days or one serving before bed. I got the logic behind this kind of regime, maximising Testosterone levels while working out, which should lead to a better workout all-round, then peak up T levels before bed, helping recovery for the next day. So anyhow, this is what I went with.


Week one

I am actually going to break this into two parts; the first three days, then the following 4 days. The first week I wasn’t expecting anything major to happen in the way of my physique or training, and it didn’t, although the first three days, were, in hindsight, quite subtle. While at the time I wasn’t quite aware of it, when using Test-FX pre workout, I did get ever so slightly, better pumps. I did also notice that on the third day, which was my rest day, where I took DNA Lean Test-FX directly before sleeping, I felt so much more relaxed, and seemed to sleep much better. I remember the following morning waking up feeling way more refreshed. That was pretty much the first 3 days using Test-FX, no massive changes, but I did feel some positive benefits from using it, especially considering that I had only been using it three days! Day four and onwards! This is when I really started to feel better in the gym; my pumps were getting more pronounced, not massively, but enough to notice, and most definitely an improvement. I wouldn’t say that I had any major boost in strength, but what I did find is that my strength endurance seemed to be a little better. On barbell shoulder presses I had hit a particular sticking point which had been at a plateau for several months now regardless of what I tried. Then all of a sudden, I am hitting three more reps! I love it! Is this down to the Test-FX, well I guess I can’t say for 100%, but, considering I am suddenly smashing out an extra three reps since adding in the test booster, I can honestly say that I can’t attribute this to anything else. As the weekend came I used the test booster before bed as I never train on a weekend. I really found that I was feeling better recovered, which I mainly felt was due to my enhanced sleep. So far so good, I rapidly found myself losing my scepticism of this great product.


Week two

As I hit week two, this is when I found that the test booster was really kicking in. Slowly but surely I was beating all my lifts. At worse I would get an extra rep, on some exercises my weights were increasing too. It’s not like I am a new trainer, I have been working out for years now, so I pretty much know my own body, and don’t ever seem to remember improving this much in such a short space of time. My pumps were great, I was feeling more recovered, and was getting strength gains. What more could I want.


Weeks three and four

The reason I grouped weeks three and four together is because it all seemed to blend into one. Everything was steadily, but consistently improving. My muscle pumps were consistently good, my strength and endurance were improving every workout without fail. Not to say I could suddenly bench 500lbs, some workouts I only got an extra rep, but none the less, every workout I was improving. For me this has always been the most important thing – consistent improvements.



First I would like to point out that I am seeking no financial gain, nor do I have any supplement company to please or any other vested interest to fulfil. Rather, I offer a personal, unbiased opinion. That is all.

Is this product going to turn you into a Hulk overnight – certainly not! Will you be able to make a 500lb bench, that’s probably a no! Does this product work? In my opinion, it definitely does. Would I recommend it? Hell yes I would! Some people may get differing results from supplementation, I can only speak in my capacity as a user of something, and in that personal capacity and I really do rate this product.

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