VELOCITY – HIIT and Abs Workouts

HIIT and Abs Workout | VELOCITY

HIIT and Abs Workouts | VELOCITY

Everybody wants that rippling torso you see on the front cover of leading fitness magazines.  Our VELOCITY HIIT and abs plan will help you achieve the physique you desire!  Evidence suggests that a combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and abdominal exercises are crucial to revealing the elusive 6 pack/abs.  This package will guide you through 8 weeks of HIIT and abs workouts with the key focus being reducing body fat around your midsection.

At Physique Boss we aim to empower you to make lifestyle changes.  REMEMBER for best results appropriate diet plays a significant role.  You cannot out train a poor diet.  For help and assistance with your diet feel free to contact us via social media.  However, if you prefer more structure to your diet check out the Physique Boss store for our complete packages EVOLE and TAILORED EVOLUTION.

VELOCITY is available at an introductory price of £5.00  Check it out and start your journey today!

Good luck, BOSS IT!



Physique Boss Team

PhysiqueBoss was formed in 2013 by 4 fitness enthusiast from South Wales with a wide range of experience. The fitness industry has exploded during recent times with lots of information available online on specialist websites and via social media

We have combined our experience to create a ‘one stop shop’ for all your fitness, training and nutritional needs.  Following the launch of our website and online store we have now branched out into comprehensive downloadable programmes.  We have trialled these programmes pre launch and have been overwhelmed by the results.

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