November 27, 2013

Beth Workman | Fitness Model Interview

November 27, 2013
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Vital Statistics

Name: Beth Workman

Age: 32

Height: 5 Foot 3”

On/off season weight: Usually around 53kg – Bikini don’t have off season

Sponsors: Sci-MX

Twitter: Beth_Workman


Do you work full time as a fitness model?

No, I am a personal trainer. Modelling is extra.

How long have you been training for?

10 Years


How often do you train? 5-6 Days per week

How many meals do you eat per day? 3/4


What keeps you motivated to train?

The Results & Beach Bunny Bikinis


What were your biggest mistakes as a beginner training and nutritionally?

I used to spend hours doing cardio and eat just protein.  Two very big mistakes!


Biggest mistakes you see others making when training?

Bad Form, not pushing themselves, and over training.


Do you still set yourself short term goals? If so, what are they?

I use events such as holidays to motivate myself.  A holiday is never far away in my world.


What is your favourite exercise and why?

Heavy 100kg Hip Thrusts because they work my glutes better than any other exercise.

Beth Workman  Fitness Model Interview | Physique Boss

What is your proudest achievement?

A toss-up between winning the British UKBFF Bikini Class in 2012 and competing at the Arnold Classic in Ohio America.


How do you overcome a plateau?

I have a short break.  Nothing worse than half hearted training.  Take a break and come back stronger and more motivated.  If however I don’t feel I fully deserve a break I will split my training to twice a day.  Two short sessions ease me back in.  Variation is good anyway.


What supplements do you use?

Sci-MX Whey; BCAA’s; Glutamine; Omega EFA’s; Multivitamins; Vitamin D.


Favourite motivational quote?

“Strive for Progress not perfection.”


What do you like to do when you’re not training (hobbies)?

Eating out and Holidays.  I like the simple things in life : )



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