November 23, 2013

Stuart Tomlinson | Interview

November 23, 2013
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Vital Statistics

Name: Stuart Tomlinson.

AGE: 28

Height: 6’1

On/Off season weight: currently 16.2

Sponsors: Maximuscle

Twitter: @STUTOMO

Instagram: @STUTOMO


Do you work Full Time Fitness Model?

No I don’t and anyone who says they do clearly lives at home with there mum and dad and has there head in the clouds! It’s a part time thing that can be rewarding if it fits in around my current working schedule.


How long have you been training?

I’ve been active in gyms from a early age: 16 ish… But took things seriously when I was 20, after rupturing my ACL… Felt I needed a stronger body after numerous football related injuries to progress with my career.


How often do you train?

I tend to hit the Gym for a body part for no more than a hour a day. But when in “season” I’m lucky that we train every day for a hour/two and that’s cardio and plymetric based.

 Physique Boss | Stuart Tomlinson Interview

How many meals do you eat?

I tend to not eat until after 12/1pm by then I will have trained “football”- “on a empty stomach” and afterwards I will feel hungry and deserve a high carb meal… Afternoons then I try to consume two/three meals. Train at the gym then eat again… So roughly 3 main meals. And possibly two shakes…


What keeps you motivated?

Setting yourself goals and weight resistance aims…

I tend to go through phases of wanting certain body parts to be better.

You can always do and achieve more… That’s why someone like “the gift” Phil Heath always wants more… There is not one perfect physique, you can always train harder to achieve more weather it be aesthetics, bodybuilding, or functional muscle for sports.


Biggest mistakes as a beginner?

Haha- FOOD… Massively UNDER ate! And for about 3 years I would train chest – biceps- and Abs…

Also water… I probably was dehydrated every time I trained from football or the night before. I Didn’t even know what deadlifts or lat pulldown was! Haha let alone a lateral raise or shoulder press!

And even now I’m still learning by no means is my diet spot on… But I’m a firm believer in that if you train hard you can reward yourself and eat what you like to a certain degree – Other wise what’s the point?

I don’t train for shows… I train to perform better.


Biggest mistake others make?

FORM… Your muscle lifts the weight not your ego. Also some people really really need to check there GYM attire aswell “weight gloves? Do they really aid your training?” and SELFIES … GET A GRIP it’s the gym not facetime.

Physique Boss | Stuart Tomlinson Interview

Do you set short term goals?


Like I said before I’m nowhere near where I want to be In terms of a overall physique… Your body develops with age and regardless of what people say there is NO shortcut, I think overall your compound lifts should be at a similar plateau




And Beside weight training I also think your cardiovascular and flexibility should be addressed.

Everyone aspire to be different- but this is my opinion and dead lifting 280kg is fine but not being able to touch your toes to Stretch or run 20 minutes on a treadmill… Who’s the mug?

The stiff man-

The power lifter-

The skinny runner-


To become more powerful and fitter will help me become a better ATHLETE and that’s my goal.


Fave exercise?

Haha- in this order

1.bench press- cause everyone asks what you bench… Don’t let em down!

2. Side lateral raise- a good cap on the shoulder separates men from boys!

3. boxjumps- develops your spring & core.


Proudest achievement?

I’ve played at the new Wembley and came away a winner in the FA TROPHY FINAL.  And on a personnel note featured in MUSCLE & FITNESS magazine and had 3 men’s Health Covers to date.

 Physique Boss | Stuart Tomlinson Interview

How do you overcome a plateau?

Some things are there to test you… But if you can’t do it- I’m sure one of your FRIENDS will know how. Don’t be afraid to ask for help..

If its regarding a WEIGHT training exercise… Work to failure and then attempt negative… Like CT FLETCHER says… “At least give it a TRY… Ain’t no thing as OVERTRAINING!”


What supplements do you use?


I use MaxiMuscle maxipower


I try to use: BCAAs during


And Maximuscle Cyclone Post workout.


There is no substitute for food though… I must stress that.


Fave motivational Quote?

CT FLECHER: I command you to grow MUTHA-F**A!!!!



I have two dogs- “big UP team Drool” I walk them everyday.

SLEEP I’m a professional napper…

And YOU WILL SEE me out every Saturday!

I’m also a educated marine biologist. NO JOKE.

Physique Boss | Stuart Tomlinson Interview

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