November 27, 2013

Breakfast On The Go | Protein Shake Recipe

November 27, 2013
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Monday mornings are not going to know what hit them! The physique Boss ‘Breakfast On The Go’ Shake does what it says on the tin, simply blend the ingredients below and BOOM! Your set to take on the world…


How it’s made…

100ml skimmed milk

200ml water

10g coconut oil

40g oats

75g blueberries

75g raspberries

2 scoops strawberry whey

Food blender


Macro Breakdown

Calories - 580

Protein - 58

Carbs - 48

Fat - 19


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  • Nick

    can you take this anytime like post workout for example or is it only good for morning?

    • Physique Boss

      Hi Nick, this makes an awesome post workout shake as well as a breakfast shake! The oats provide a sustained energy release and give your body the much needed carbs and protein it needs to begin repairing the muscles after a tough training session.