January 11, 2014

Competition Winner Gareth’s Progress Log – Week 1

January 11, 2014
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Over the years I’ve trained from time to time, and played sports but never ever religiously. In fact the majority of time if I wasn’t with someone who knew what they were doing in the gym, I’d spent most my time skipping songs!

Since setting up my own clothing label, I’ve become a lot more aware of the fitness industry, and am constantly seeing people looking better in the clothes I create than I do! Towards the end of last year I tried a few different things – gym, swimming, circuits – but again had no idea what I was doing. Then I saw a Twitter competition with Physique Boss that I was lucky enough to win!


New Year, New Body…

So Christmas passed, and I enjoyed and as New Year fell on a Wednesday, and I wasn’t back in work until the 6th I told myself that I’d start then.

So, it’s the 6th of January today, and since finishing work I’ve been to Asda to do a healthy shop with all the good foods I’ve been told to get, I’ve ordered my supplements and I’ve booked my gym induction for tomorrow evening. I finally know what I’m doing, and it’s only taken 13 years.

I’m working from an 8 week plan set up for me by the guys at Physique Boss, and it’ll end hours before I set off to New York City with my girlfriend to celebrate our 30th birthdays. Wish me luck.

Over the coming weeks we will document Gareth’s journey and help give readers an insight into the lifestyle and dietary changes required –  he is very driven and has a great attitude so we just know he is going to #BossIt watch this space…

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