Bulking Plan

AMPLIFY – Bulking Plan


AMPLIFY – Bulking Plan

Following our original and extremely popular EVOLVE programme we are pleased to now launch AMPLIFY.  AMPLIFY is a no nonsense bulking plan like no other currently on the market.  Stick to this plan and you will get results guaranteed!

Product Description

A no nonsense Bulking Plan

AMPLIFY guides you through 15 weeks of training and nutrition with the aim being packing on some serious size!  However, don’t panic you won’t get fat.  In order to add some additional muscle mass you must expect an increase in body fat but this plan will ensure that you do not gain excessive body fat during your bulking phase.  Many serious about training consider a ‘bulking’ phase essential in order to gain that hard earned natural muscle.  It is extremely hard to maintain that ‘shredded’ physique year round so using a ‘bulking’ phase wisely at the right time can be extremely beneficial to your physique in the long run.

Like our EVOLVE plan this complete package will be available for just £30.  We will provide each participant with online support via social media and email as much as required.  We want you to get the results you deserve.




  • 15 weeks fully comprehensive training plan.
  • Set in training blocks to enable phased progression.
  • Fully detailed and illustrated sessions.
  • Sessions aimed at increasing size and strength whilst minimising excessive body fat.
  • Additional cardio and abdominal chapter.
  • Flexible training which can be modified to your needs.
  • Support via email and social media.


  • Complete meal plan with macronutrient breakdown specific to your body weight.
  • Educational chapter to empower you to make lifestyle changes during and after the designated 15 week period.
  • Flexible meal timings to suit your training time.
  • Flexible meal options including additional meals.
  • Meal plan which is sustainable long term.
  • Support via email and social media.