December 1, 2013

Body Transformation | Mike Collins

December 1, 2013
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About Mike…

Being a Semi Professional rugby player for 7 years my focus was on being heavy and strong with little regard for my body fat percentage.  Since deciding to stop playing rugby in November 2012 I shifted my focus to improving my physique, with a lower body fat percentage and increased lean muscle mass.  This shift in focus meant doing a lot of research around diet and training to achieve my desired results.  In the time I was playing rugby I consumed a very high calorie diet and had a body fat percentage of around 22%, weighing in at close to 18 stone.  In July 2013 my body fat percentage was 12.7% and I was weighing in at 16 stone 2lb.


Top Tips

  • I made a meal and training plan which was varied and achievable; so many people try to follow something which is simply unrealistic.
  • I didn’t cut the treats out; I worked hard in the week and treated myself as a reward on weekends, usually two treats each weekend.
  • I researched recipes to vary my diet and substitute treats with healthy snacks such as sweet potato muffins.
  • I committed myself to being in the best shape of my life by July 2013, it became a mindset.
  • I surrounded myself with good people who supported me in achieving my goals.
  • I had a great training partner; we pushed each other harder week by week and his knowledge and advice always helped.


An average day

6:30 6 egg whites, two whole eggs. Cherry tomatoes and spinach. Green tea

8:30 Scoop of protein with water.

10:30 Tuna or chicken and spinach pita, mixed nuts, apple.

12:30 Turkey, Couscous, greens.

 15:00 chicken pita with spinach, onion, 

17:00 pre workout shake

19:00 post workout shake

19:30 turkey/chicken/tuna/lean beef, potato/rice and greens

21.00 2 spoonfuls of cottage cheese


During this plan I didn’t weigh my food, just tested portion size and monitored my weight and body fat to ensure I was on the right path, but most importantly I was happy with the way I was looking and the improvements were starting to show.  The key for me was preparing myself mentally in order to achieve real results that could be maintained.  


The result  

Mike Collins Body Transformation | Physique Boss

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