December 12, 2013

Don’t be a Christmas Turkey!

December 12, 2013
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Avoid the dreaded ‘drum’ this festive period.

We understand that Christmas is an occasion to relax and have fun which usually includes indulging and boozing.  However, you do not want to undo all your hard work you have put in during one week of madness.  By all means relax and live a little but it’s all about sensible choices and earning your treats!

We’ve put together some useful tips so that you can enjoy the festive period whilst maintaining your hard earned aesthetics.



  • Try and stick to your training regime as best as possible. Ok it can be difficult to get to the gym over this festive period, however there are always ways to work around this :-


Try a home workout with bodyweight exercises.


Bodyweight circuit


  • Bodyweight squats for 1 Minute
  • Press ups for 1 Minute
  • Abdominal crunches for 1 minute
  • Star jumps/Burpees for 1 minute.


(1 minute recover) after all exercises are performed)


Complete 5 rounds of this circuit.


Alternatively, search for gyms in your local area which are open.  Take yourself out of your comfort zone and train in a different facility with different equipment.  A change is sometimes as good as a rest.  Use your time off work wisely.



  • Try not to over indulge, especially on snacks/desserts that are calorie dense, high in fat and sugar.  Tip- Try reading food labels, working them into your daily nutritional requirements.


  • Continue to eat at regular intervals do not go  for long periods without eating. Remember maintaining/gaining muscle is the priority.  Fat is our secondary target. Eating adequate protein rich meals at regular intervals will allow us to keep the muscle we have built.  Do this by taking full advantage of proteins available i.e. turkey, ham, beef etc.


  • Time your training sessions around your ‘cheat’ meals.  If you know that you are going to consume a carbohydrate rich meal then try and consume it after a training session.  Replenish those depleted glycogen stores.


  • Add lots of volume and intensity into your session, this way you will be using your stored carbohydrate (glycogen) as an energy source. By consuming this carbohydrate rich meal after your workout will help replenish these stores and you are less likely to gain body fat.


  • If you know that you are going to consume are carbohydrate dominate meal then try reducing carbohydrate intake during other meals/ snacks throughout the day. Increase you protein and vegetables/salads.



  • Replace beverages with sugar free alternatives when possible i.e. Coke to Diet coke. This will reduce overall calorie consumption, which in turn will help control your weight and maintain dental health.


  • If you do drink alcoholic beverages, drink them in moderation, remember alcohol will provide 7 calories per gram. 330 mls of beer will provide 120  empty calories. Also the dehydrating effects of alcohol can limit your muscles gains and lead to an increase in body fat.


  • Tip – If you are consuming alcoholic beverages then try to drink water between each drink. This will ensure greater hydration levels.


Damage control Limitation –

  • If you find yourself consuming significantly more calories in a day than you usually would then try and correct your actions by performing a ‘big’ session the day after. Whether this is through lifting weights, performing HIIT cardio of both.  Use this energy to your advantage and smash some big sessions during this period.


Avoid binging –

  • By consuming excessive calories way above what your body needs to maintain weight, then this will result in fat gain. Have your treats over the Christmas period but think moderation. Eating everything over the space of two to three days is not the best thing to do.  When you gain 10 to 15 pounds in a day or two it’s not just all water retention.


Hangover recovery –

  • Drink plenty of water. This will help rehydrate the body and aid in the excretion of alcoholic beverages metabolic byproducts.


It is not our intention to put a dampener on your Christmas.  However, as long as you make sensible choices you can still have a great time enjoying lots of food and drink without the unnecessary side effects of over indulgence

Have a great Christmas guys from all of us at Physique Boss!

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