March 13, 2014

What is HIIT?

March 13, 2014
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What is HIIT?

By now you’ve probably tried or at least heard of HIIT (high intensity interval training)

In basics terms you work maximally for a short period of time then rest. Repeated for 20 mins HIIT can work superbly to aid fat loss while keeping hold of your hard earned muscle. One of the earliest studies, done by researchers at Laval University (Ste-Foy, Quebec, Canada), kept it basic, using two groups in a months-long experiment. One group followed a 15-week program using HIIT while the other performed only steady-state cardio for 20 weeks. Proponents of steady-state training were pleased to hear that those subjects burned 15,000 calories more than their HIIT counterparts. Those who followed the HIIT program, however, lost significantly more bodyfat.


Does it Really Work?

A 2001 study from East Tennessee State University (Johnson City) demonstrated similar findings with subjects who followed an eight-week HIIT program. Again, HIIT proved to be the better fat-burner–subjects dropped 2% bodyfat over the course of the experiment. Meanwhile, those who plodded through the eight weeks on a steady-state program lost no bodyfat.

More recently, a study presented by Florida State University (Tallahassee) researchers at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) reported that subjects who performed HIIT cardio burned almost 10% more calories during the 24 hours following exercise than a steady-state group, despite the fact that the total calories burned during each workout were the same.

The bonus to all this research is discovering that shorter exercise sessions will allow you to hold on to more muscle. At Physique boss we advise you complete your HIIT cardio post weights to aid fat loss.


hiit workout examples


Set the treadmill at a 5% incline

Low intensity Walk for 2-3 mins

30 seconds fast sprint 1.30 walk. Repeat 4 times.
10 second fast sprint 20 sec walk.
Repeat 4 times
20 seconds fast sprint 40 second walk. Repeat 8 times
10 second fast sprint 20 second walk. Repeat 4 times


Concept 2 rower:

Low intensity warm up 2-3 mins.
30 seconds hard/high resistance
1 minute rest
Repeat x8
20 seconds hard/high resistance
40 seconds rest
Repeat x6
10 seconds hard/high resistance
20 seconds rest
Repeat X4

To mix up the session you can start the session the opposite way around start on the 10 seconds work.

Rowing is perfect for HIIT, a full body exercise. A savage blow if you work maximally! Rowing isn’t for the faint hearted.


Cross trainer:

Low intensity warm up 2-3 minutes.

40 seconds hard/high resistance 1.20 rest. Repeat 4 times
30 seconds hard/high resistance 1 minute rest. Repeat 4 times
20 seconds hard/high resistance 40 seconds rest. Repeat 4 times
10 seconds hard/high resistance 20 seconds rest. Repeat 4 times

Remember these sessions can be used on any piece of cardio equipment. Limit HIIT cardio sessions to 20-30 minutes to maximize intensity while actually aiding muscle growth and preventing muscle loss.

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